PBC Announces Investment in Digital Domain Holdings

January 4, 2011

PBC Clarifies Confusion with Unrelated Entity

December 1, 2010

PBC Announces Sale of TMS Health

October 15, 2010

PBC Acquires Stake in Interstate Transport, Inc.

July 1, 2009

DDP Holdings, Inc. Announces Acquisition of CSA, LLC

August 13, 2008

PBC together with Uniters S.P.A. Announce the Formation of Global Care Solutions, LLC

August 4, 2008

PBC Announces the Sale of Midtown Imaging, LLC

July 3, 2008

PBC invests in SUNZ Insurance Company

June 27, 2008

PBC invests in North American Substation Services, LLC

March 20, 2008

PBC sells its equity interest in Quantum Fine Casework

October 24, 2007